Visitors from foreign countrys:

Dear collectors,
you have probably noticed, that this page is written in German, but don't worry, you are able to understand nearly everything!
You will find on this page every penny-smashing machine in Germany, Europe and everywhere else, which I know. Of cause it is not complete, and never will be, but if you do trips to Germany, it is very useful. Just open a page from the location you want to visit. In the first line you will find the name of the location, after that you will find its adress in brackets. Behind that you will find a description of the place, where it is. After that you will see a scan of the motive availabe.

For example:

" Lübben"

Hafenpromenade (Am Hafen 1 , 15907 Lübben) : Direkt an der Hafenpromenade

Located is the machine in the "Hafenpromenade" - that's the way at a sea or beach

"Am Hafen 1 , 15907 Lübben" is the adress with its ZIP-code

"Direkt an der Hafenpromenade" means , that the machine is located directly at the "Hafenpromenade" - you won't have to visit any building

I am always interessted in getting more elongated coins, so if you would like to trade , please let me know!